Legal : Terms and Conditions for Supply of Products

Terms and Conditions for Supply of Products





These terms and conditions govern the Vendor in relation to the purchase of products by Aztech Global Ltd or its subsidiaries (hereinafter individually and collectively referred to as “Aztech”).

本文所列条款和条件,规定了供应商向爱捷特集团有限公司和/或其子公司(以下单称及统称为“ 爱捷 特” )销售产品的有关要求。

These terms and conditions, together with any special terms provided by Aztech in the purchase orders, constitute the entire agreement between the Vendor and Aztech and may not be changed except by an amendment signed by the Vendor and Aztech’s authorized representatives.

本文所列条款和条件,以及爱捷特在采购订单中提出的任何特别条款共同构成供应商和爱捷特之间的完整 协议,除非由供应商和爱捷特的授权代表另行签订书面修订文件, 否则不得更改。

These terms supersede any previous communications, representations or agreements between the parties, whether oral or written, regarding the purchase of Products from the Vendor. Vendor’s additional or different terms and conditions will not apply. Vendor’s acceptance of the Purchase Order constitutes Vendor’s acceptance of these Term.

本文所列条款和条件,取代买卖双方之前关于本次采购事宜所作出的任何沟通,声明或协议,无论该等沟 通、声明或协议是以口头或书面形式作出。 供应商特别添加的,或与本文所列条款和条件不符的规定,将不适用。 供应商确认采购订单的行为,同时表明了其接受本文所列条款和条件。


1.1 Ordering. /订货

Aztech shall give Vendor eight (8) weeks order forecast on a monthly basis and one (1) month firm order. In addition, Aztech will release delivery schedule of the product on a weekly basis. Vendor is to follow the latest delivery schedule to make delivery to Aztech. Early deliveries are not permitted without the prior approval of Aztech.

爱捷特 应给予供应商八 (8) 周的订单预测和一个 (1) 月的确定订单。
爱捷特 将每周确定该产品的交货计划,供应商将按照最新的交货计划履行交货义务。 未经 爱捷特 事前书面批准,供应商不得提前交货。

1.2 Purchaser Order Acknowledgement. /订单确认

Vendor must acknowledge acceptance of purchase orders by signing and returning the original

copy of the purchase order by fax or email. Otherwise it is deemed as accepted.

供应商应签署并通过传真或电子邮件方式确认和接受订单。 如没有相反意思表示,视为供应商无条件接受相关订单。


1.3 Price. 报价

The following terms shall apply 适用以下条款:-

(i)  Vendor is expected to provide the lowest possible cost and a continuous cost reduction or as otherwise stated in the Purchase Order program through service and process improvements on all materials provided.

供应商应提供最低价格,并通过改进各类所提供的材料、服务和流程的方式,以达 到尽可能低的成本和持续降低成本的目标。

(ii)  Vendor warrants that the unit price for the product shall not be in excess of the lowest prices charged by Vendor to other similarly situated customers for similar quantities of products of like kind and quality.

供应商保证, 产品的单价不应超过供应商向其他订购产品数量相当、类型和质量相


(iii)  All prices shall be as stated in the purchase orders.


(iv)  Delivery shall be to Aztech Dong Guan Factory or Aztech Hong Kong Warehouse or as otherwise stated in the Purchase Order.

产品应根据订单的具体要求,交付至爱捷特东莞工厂或者爱捷特香港仓库或采购订 单中另有规定的交货。

(v)  Vendor to provide Aztech at no charge a reasonable number of products samples for evaluation, testing and for sample run.


(vi)  Aztech must be notified well in advance with at least 60 days prior notice of any proposed increase in prices by fax, letter or any written form with full detailed explanation of all elements involved. It is Aztech’s prerogative to accept, reject or cancel outstanding Purchase Orders without any penalty if such change is effected.

如供应商有任何提价意向,必须提前至少 60 天书面通知爱捷特(传真、信函或任 何书面形式),并详细说明所有涉及的内容。 爱捷特完全有权接受或拒绝该类提价意向,并有权因价格异动无条件取消相关订 单。

(vii)  In the event Vendor reduces the price of the product at any time, Vendor shall provide Aztech price reduction/rebate for the outstanding Purchase Order and products in transit, which were previously purchased by Aztech at a higher price. Any rebate to be calculated based on the difference in price multiplied by the number of products in transit.




(viii)  Prices contained in our Purchaser Orders cannot under any circumstances be changed by Vendor and Vendor shall not be entitled to charge Aztech for any additional costs including packaging or documentation, except with prior written consent of Aztech.

除非得到爱捷特的事先书面同意,否则供应商不得擅自调整订单中的价格,也不得 擅自增加订单中的收费项目(包括但不限于包装费或文书费等)。


1.4 Timely Delivery. /按时交货

Products delivered by Vendor must match unit price and quantity ordered. Acceptable delivery to Aztech’s receiving warehouse shall be made not earlier than 3 days before the designated delivery date or on the designated delivery date itself but no later. If a lot of products are received and fails Incoming Quality Assurance sampling inspection and not replaced within the delivery window, it shall be deemed as late delivery and Aztech shall have the right to cancel the order.

供应商交付的产品必须符合订单约定的单价和数量。 供应商向爱捷特指定收货仓库交付的货物,不得早于指定交货日期的三天,也不得迟于指 定交货日期。 如果当次交付的产品在抽样检查的过程中,发现较多未能通过来料质量抽样检查,且未能 在交货窗口内完成更换,则供应商将被视为延迟交货。 爱捷特有权取消该批产品对应的整个订单。

1.5 Rescheduling. / 重新安排交货日期

Aztech shall have the right to reschedule the delivery of Purchase Orders for up to 3 months from the original delivery date stated in the Purchase Order upon giving the Vendor 7 days’ prior notice.

爱捷特有权在提前 7 天给予供货商书面通知后,变更已确定在采购订单中的交货日期,重 新安排的交货日期一般不超过采购订单中原确定的交货日期的 3 个月。

Cancelation. /撤销
Aztech shall have the right to cancel all or any part of the delivered portion of Purchase Order

without liability to Vendor:

在下列情况下,爱捷特有权取消已交付的采购订单的全部或任何部分,而无需向供应商承 担任何责任:

(i)  Upon giving Vendor 14 days prior notice of cancellation. 提前 14 天给予供应商取消订单的书面通知;

(ii)  Immediately, without prior notice if Vendor fails to make deliveries as specified in the Purchase Order.

如供应商未能按照采购订单中的约定进行交货, 爱捷特则有权即时取消采购订 单;

(iii)  Immediately, without prior notice, if Vendor breaches any of the terms of the Purchase Order and of the purchase including the warranties of Vendor, non-compliance with Aztech’s specifications, non-compliance with applicable laws, rules or regulations or failure to meet the delivery dates specified in this Purchase Order.

如果供应商违反本文所列条款和条件,或采购订单中的任何条款(包括但不限于不 符合供应商质量保证、不符合 爱捷特 的规范、不符合相关的法律法规,或未能如 期交货的),爱捷特则有权即时取消采购订单;

Immediately, without prior notice, if the Vendor goes into liquidation.

如果供应商进入清算程序的, 爱捷特则有权即时取消采购订单;



Vendor must be flexible and should facilitate change to accommodate Aztech’s needs. Vendor is required to keep 4 weeks buffer stock with a 24 hours notice to make delivery. Vendor is to make sure that such buffer stocks are stored in JIT warehouse in Hong Kong/China to ensure on time delivery of the products to Aztech and ensure that four (4) weeks buffer stock as per forecast provided by Aztech is available.

供应商应确保 4 周的产品缓冲库存,以便在爱捷特发出通知的 24 小时内能够及时交货。 供应商应确保上述缓冲库存数量将收纳在香港/中国大陆的 JIT 仓库中,以确保可以按时向 爱捷特交付产品,并确保爱捷特提供的出货预测四(4)周缓冲存货的产品数量是足够的。

Aztech shall only pay for products purchased and delivered subject to conditions stated herein. All buffer stock shall be the responsibility of Vendor.

爱捷特仅需向供应商支付符合本文所列条款和条件并已经收取的产品货款,所有缓冲库存 中的产品均由供应商自行承担相关责任。



Vendor will provide a minimum of net 95 days term on accounts payable (effective from date products are accepted by Aztech’s Incoming Quality Assurance Department). It is expected that Vendor shall provide adequate credit line extension without requiring any payment on account to ensure no credit holds on shipment.

供应商应提供不少于 95 天的账期(自爱捷特产品质量部确认所交付产品合格之日算起)。 供应商应提供足够的信用额度,确保爱捷特无需为订单支付任何预付款,且确保在无需任 何预付款的情况下按期对产品进行装运。



(i)  That the products supplied are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from date of acceptance of the products by Aztech. For special project, such warranty may be extended to four (4) years and Vendor will be informed accordingly.

供应商所供应的产品自被爱捷特接受之日起享有三年材料和工艺上的质量保证,并 且爱捷特有权以书面通知的方式,要求供应商将该类质量保证延续至四年。

(ii)  Vendor warrants that the products sold to Aztech do not infringe or misappropriate any third party’s intellectual property rights (“IPR”).


(iii)  If Aztech, Aztech’ distributors, agents, and customers receive any claim (“Claim”) brought by a third party alleging that the use or sale of the products constitutes infringement or misappropriation of any IPR relating to the products (including but not limited any software or other applications contained in the products), then Vendor shall indemnify, defend and hold Aztech, Aztech’s distributors, agents, and customers harmless from and against any and all liabilities, claims, fines, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees), whether direct or indirect, arising from or relating to such claim. Should Vendor fail to defend such claim, Aztech shall have the right to assume the defense at the expense of Vendor while Vendor shall


cooperate in such defense if so required by Aztech. The obligations under this clause shall apply even if Aztech ceases to purchase products from Vendor.

如果爱捷特、爱捷特的分销商、代理商和/或客户收到任何第三方提起的索赔,主 张使用或销售产品涉嫌构成侵犯或非法使用第三方知识产权(包括但不限于产品内 包含的软件或其他相关应用),供货商应确保爱捷特,爱捷特的分销商、代理商和 /或客户免受损失,并承担所有由此引起的或与此相关的直接或间接责任、索赔、 罚款、损失、赔偿和费用(包括但不仅限于律师费)。 供应商如果怠于对该类主张进行抗辩,爱捷特有权进行抗辩,并要求供应商支付因 此而产生的费用,如果爱捷特要求供应商对爱捷特采取的抗辩进行配合,供应商应 该配合。

即使 爱捷特中止从供应商处购买产品,本条款的义务依然有效 。

(iv)  In addition to above, in the event that a product is held by a competent court or administrative body, or is, in reasonable opinion of the product likely to infringe any third party IPR, Vendor shall, at its own expense and at Aztech’ option, either: (a) replace the product with a compatible, functionally equivalent and non-infringing product having at least equivalent performance at no charge Aztech; or (b) modify the product so as to avoid or remedy infringement; or (c) procure for Aztech, Aztech’s customers the right to continue to purchase, use and sell the product or (d) refund in full all amounts paid by Aztech for the products concerned and pay all additional costs incurred by Aztech in connection with the replacement, surrender or return of the products.

除以上条款外,如产品被法庭或者有关行政部门扣留因为被认定为,或有合理理由 认定产品涉嫌侵犯第三方知识产权的,供应商应承担所有费用并采取爱捷特制定的 以下有关救济方式:(a)提供功能相同的、可替代的、且不侵犯第三方知识产权 的产品作为替代品,且不得收取爱捷特任何费用;(b)改进产品,以避免持续性 侵权,或消除现有侵权;(c)取得相关知识产权,使爱捷特,爱捷特的客户可继 续购买、使用和出售相关产品;(d)全额向爱捷特返还购买产品的款项,并且承 担因提供替代品、交付和返还相关产品而产生的所有费用。

(v)  Vendor agrees to keep confidential all drawings, plans, patterns samples, weights, measurements and all other information including any trade secrets and know-how disclosed to Vendor in the course of the manufacture or supply of the products in this Purchase Order and shall indemnify Aztech against any and all liability, loss or expense suffered.




(vi)  That Vendor shall indemnify Aztech against any loss, damage or claims brought against Aztech owing to defective, faulty workmanship or sub-standard material used in the manufacture or design of the products supplied.

由于产品制造或设计而产生的缺陷,或由于在生产或设计过程中使用的材料存在瑕 疵,供应商应赔偿爱捷特因此而引起的任何损失、损害或索赔。

(vii)  That Vendor shall not at any time manufacture or procure to be manufactured any products or materials to designs or specifications provided by Aztech.




Should there be any unforeseen circumstances resulting in termination of business relationship, the Vendor shall guarantee performance of all outstanding issues and the remainder of the warranty for all products supplied within its life cycle.

因任何不可预测的情况引起的业务关系终止,供应商仍应保证解决合作过程中现存的所有 未决事宜,以及确保已交付的产品在其使用周期中的后续保修事宜。



If required, Vendor shall utilize Aztech’s appointed freight forwarder as specified by Aztech’s buyer. Any deviation that results in additional shipping cost will be borne by the Vendor. If necessary, Vendor shall be responsible for using a faster alternative-shipping route to ensure that shipments are received by Aztech by the due date. The Vendor is responsible to pay for all additional charges that are incurred above Aztech’s standard service rate for the alternative shipping route.

爱捷特有权要求供应商使用其指定的货代机构。因任何原因引起的额外运输费用增添,均 由供应商承担。必要时,供应商应负责使用更快的方式(包括路径)进行运输,以确保准 时交付货物。由于更换运输方式(包括路径)而产生的额外费用(即高于原标准运输方式 的费用差额),由供应商自行承担。

It is the responsibility of the Vendor to ensure products are properly packed such that normal shipping environment will not cause damage to the products. All products received found damaged that attributed to improper packaging will be either returned to Vendor as defective or rework/sort at Aztech’s premises with the Vendor bearing all handling and rework costs.

供应商应确保产品包装符合要求,并确保相关包装方式满足相关运输方式的要求,不会对 产品造成任何损坏。 因包装不当引起的产品损坏,将会被视为不合格产品退回给供应商,或在爱捷特处进行分 类与返工,由此产生的费用(包括但不限于处理费用、返工费用等)由供应商自行承担。


Vendor must ensure that all products shipped to Aztech shall be labeled or palletized with proper identification on each carton and pallet. Label should be at the center for each packaging carton. All packing must clearly show Aztech’s part no, quantity, purchase order no. and description. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to:-

供应商必须确保运送到爱捷特的所有产品,在包装的每个纸箱和托板上贴上标签或打码。 标签应位于每个包装纸箱的中心位置。所有包装必须清晰显示爱捷特的零件号、数量、采 购订单编号和有关说明。

(i)  Prepare the products for shipment in a manner that will preclude the shipment from incurring damage for packaging, handling, changes in temperature and any environment conditions to which the shipment may be subjected.

确保产品包装的方式符合其运输要求, 防止货物因包装、装卸、温度变化和/或任何 环境因素而受到损害。

(ii)  Ensure pallets are designed and built to carry the imposed loads and ensure the appropriate method of conveyance is used.


确保托板的设计和制造符合运输要求,可以承受相关负载,并确保使用适当的运输 方式。

(iii) Ensure palletized shipments are shrink-wrapped with corner reinforcement to be installed and protected against damage caused by high tension or load shifting.

确保用于运输的包装已经加装收缩包装的防撞角,并有足够的保护措施防止在高压 或卸载过程中引起的损坏。

Any damaged palletized shipment received will be rejected



6.0 QUALITY/质量保证


Aztech’s policy for informing quality assurance is to inspect received products using a sampling approach (QP-016).


(i)  Each lot received will be subjected to a sample inspection and AOL of 0.4 is applied for

all incoming products.

每批产品将接受样品检验,0.4 的 AOL 将适用于所有交付的产品。

(ii)  All failure or rejection will be verified by the IQA engineer.

所有的质量检测失败或拒收,均由 IQA 工程师检验后确定。

(iii)  All lots rejected at IQA will be reviewed daily and disposition defined by the Material

Review Board (MRB) that includes members from Purchasing, Engineering and IQA. 所有被 IQA 拒绝通过检测的产品批次,需进行日常检查,并由材料评审委员会

(MRB,成员包括采购、工程和 IQA 的人员)确定处理措施。

(iv)  Lots that fail may be returned or reworked either by Aztech or Vendor. All cost incurred

including field re-work cost if any will be borne by Vendor.

因未通过质量检查的产品可能被退回或由供应商或爱捷特返工,由此引起的所有费 用(包括但不限于现场返工费用),将由供应商自行承担。




If the products do not comply with any of the warranties, Aztech will return the product to Vendor. The general policy for defective products is product return for credit. Vendor is required to furnish all RMA number within 48 hours upon request. In the event RMA cannot be issued, the Vendor is to inform Aztech of the delay. Aztech reserves the right to ship defective products without RMA and debit Vendor if deemed necessary.

如果产品不符合任何质量保证的条件,爱捷特有权把产品退回给供应商。 对于质量瑕疵产品的一般处理政策,爱捷特有权在待付产品货款中直接扣除退回产品的货 值。
供应商应根据相关要求,在 48 小时内完成提供所有 RMA 码,如无法如期发出 RMA 码的, 供应商应立即告知爱捷特 。

爱捷特有权在 RMA 码缺失的情况下,将质量瑕疵产品退回给供应商,并要求供应商承担


If products are returned for replacement, Aztech’s buyer will issue a Purchase Order with reference to the product return number. For replaced products, Vendor’s warranty stated in clause 4.0 herein shall apply to the replaced products.

对于退回更换的产品,爱捷特的买方将根据产品退货编号发出相关的采购订单。对于用于 替换的产品,应适用本文所列条款和条件 4.0 中的相关规定进行处理。


Product return for credit of all defective product that are identified at Incoming Quality Assurance,

during assembly and test process/field defect will be implemented as follows:- 在组装和测试过程/现场中被确定的缺陷产品,将按照如下所列进行退货处理:

(i)  All items are routed to IQA for failure analysis

所有产品将被安排至 IQA 进行问题分析;

(ii)  Failures and defects are verified using the approved IQA inspection and test procedures


所有的缺陷或故障均通过经认可的 IQA 检测程序进行(QP-016);

(iii)  Verified defects are documented and packed for weekly return.


(iv)  Verified product return is co-ordinated by Aztech through MRB report by fax and phone. 爱捷特将通过 MRB 报告,以传真和电话协调处理经检验确定需退回的产品。

Upon receipt of returned products, the Vendor is to provide written notice to Aztech of any discrepancies in shipment within 48 hours of receipt. If Aztech does not receive written notice of all discrepancies within 48 hours, Aztech will deem shipment as correct and any discrepancies will become the responsibility of the Vendor.

如供应商对退回产品有任何异议的,应在收到退回产品的 48 小时内, 书面向 爱捷特发出通 知。如果 爱捷特 在 48 小时内没有收到任何书面异议的, 则视为退回货品装运正常(包括数 量和型号),供应商对此不存在任何异议。此后任何退回产品的短缺问题,均由供应商自行 承担责任。



Vendor must provide at least one dedicated representative to handle Aztech’s accounts and all issues in a timely manner. The Vendor’s representative shall be contactable at the shortest possible time, at all time. Voicemail, email, internet, fax, pager, handphone and telephone capabilities are requested.

供应商必须指派至少一名的专门代表,及时处理与爱捷特合作过程中发生的有关事宜。 供应商指派的代表应通过语音邮件、电子邮件、互联网、传真、传呼、手机和电话等方 式,随时随地积极及时地协助爱捷特解决有关问题。




It is a strict policy of Aztech that no gifts or benefits of any kind can be given by the Vendor to any staff of Aztech. Failure to comply with this policy may result in termination of the business relationship between Aztech and the Vendor.

爱捷特有严格的政策,供应商不得向爱捷特的任何员工提供任何礼物或利益。 供应商若不遵守该项政策的,爱捷特有权终止和供应商之间的业务合作关系。


Vendor represents and warrants to Aztech that, in connection with the sale of any product, services or in relation to any other business transactions involving Aztech, the Vendor will comply with and will not violate any anti-corruption law or international anti-corruption standards.

供应商向 Aztech 声明并保证,除销售产品,服务或涉及 Aztech 的任何其他业务交易外,卖 方将遵守且不会违反任何反腐败法/条例或国际反腐败准则



Vendors are reminded not to solicit or make any offer of employment to Aztech staff; otherwise

this may lead to termination of business relationship between Aztech and Vendor.

供应商不得向爱捷特的任何员工提出任何就业邀请或邀约。 如不遵守该项政策,爱捷特有权终止和供应商之间的业务合作关系。




Vendor agrees on behalf of itself and its entire supply chain to comply with the internationally recognised standards as set out in: (i) the ETI Base Code available at; and/or (ii) the SA8000 Standard available at https://sa-, whichever may be applicable.

供应商代表其自身及其相关者同意并遵守以下国际公认标准:(i)ETI 基本代码可查询 ; 和 / 或 者 ( ii ) 适 用 于 SA8000 标 准 可 查 询




This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the country/ region in which the company issuing the purchase order is registered and both parties agree to submit all disputes under this Agreement to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that country/ region.