Buy AZEL Mono Lamp Silver c/w Battery (8 Watt, Warm White, 3000K) online

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Buy AZEL Mono Lamp Silver c/w Battery (8 Watt, Warm White, 3000K) online
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AZEL Mono Lamp Silver c/w Battery (8 Watt, Warm White, 3000K)

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Dimmable at a touch and removable from its base, the stylish AZEL MONO Lamp can double up as mood lighting for your living room or table lighting for romantic alfresco dining. With built-in “Qi” wireless charging technology, you can charge Qi-enabled smartphones simply by placing them on the lamp base.



Portability and Functionality

The stylish MONO Lamp can be used as decorative lighting for the living room, mood lighting for the bedroom or table lighting for romantic alfresco dining. Removable from its base, the lamp can also function as a portable handheld light which you can place anywhere you want for added mobility.


One-touch Switch

You can easily control the brightness of the MONO Lamp using the one-touch switch, which allows you to on, off and dim the lights.


Durable and Long-Lasting

Made of lightweight, high-quality material and long-lasting LED bulbs, the AZEL MONO is built to last with life span of up to 25,000 hours. Its battery lasts up to 10 hours after a full charge.


Sleek, Aesthetic Design

The MONO Lamp is designed to impress with sleek, stylish look and choice of colours that fit seamlessly with your living space:

  • Black – classic, elegant design which adds sophistication to your interior decoration
  • Red – inject passion and excitement with this gorgeous and outstanding colour
  • White – clean, simple design that suits every living space



  • Indoor decorative lighting, mood lighting, alfresco dining, portable handheld light
  • Wireless charging of mobile phones


No Messy Cables with Wireless Charging

The MONO lamp base functions as a charging pad for wireless charging of mobile devices based on the “Qi” wireless standard. By creating a magnetic field to induce voltage, “Qi” enables users to wirelessly charge their mobile devices without a cable. The Qi wireless standard is backed by the Wireless Power Consortium, a global industry body with more than 200 members. Qi-compatible handsets include Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 7 handsets.


Model: DBL200-Silver

Operating Input Voltage: 5VDC/1.5A

Power Consumption: 8W

Lumens: 200lm

Color Temperature: Warm white (3000K)


  • Base: Ø170 mm
  • 96 mm(L) x 50 mm(W) x 368 mm(H)

Weight: 680g (excluding adapter)

Battery Life:

  • Handheld light (no mains power)
  • 100% brightness: 2 hours
  • 25% brightness: 4 hours

Lifespan: 25,000 hours

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