Aztech Kyla Smart Temperature/Humidity Sensor

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Aztech Kyla Smart Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Aztech Kyla GEN 1 Smart Temperature/Humidity Sensor

  • $59.00


The Kyla (Gen 1) Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor protects your loved ones at home from any discomfort or problems caused by changes in temperature and humidity levels. This effective sensor allows you to ensure that your home living environment is always kept at optimal conditions, so that you can have a peace of mind whilst at home. When the sensor detects any unwanted changes to the temperature or humidity, the sensor notifies you immediately through the Aztech Kyla App (it’s the one in blue), empowering you with the ability to protect your loved ones.

  • Not compatible with Kyla Gen 2 devices or the Kyla app (the one in orange).
  • Requires the Kyla (Gen 1) Smart Home Hub


Product Highlights

l Monitors home temperature and humidity values anywhere even when out of home

l Connects to other devices to keep your home at an optimum temperature for a more comfortable home

l Improves the home’s environment through third-party intelligent home appliances when temperature and humidity is detected as anomalous

Other Features

l Real Time Monitoring
Monitors your home temperature and humidity changes from anywhere via the app.

l Ultra-Low Power Consumption
Equipped with ultra-low power intelligent module for a long battery life.

l Low Battery Warning and App Reports
Adopts real-time battery power monitoring technology. Reports real-time battery power level in mobile app.

Product Dimensions

79 x 68 x 31mm



Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

Max 95% RH

Operating Voltage

Dc 3V

Power Supply

CR2450 3V Cell Battery x 1

Standby Current

≤ 10uA

Communication Protocol

Zigbee HA

Wireless Networking Distance

≤ 100m (in Open Area)

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