Aztech Kyla Smart Motion Sensor

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Aztech Kyla Smart Motion Sensor

Aztech Kyla Smart Motion Sensor

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Get alerted anywhere in the world if someone or something is moving around in your home

Key Features

  • Set connected lights to turn on and off automatically as people come and go
  • Based on the human infrared spectrum detection technology, it senses the infrared heat from the human’s or pet’s body
  • Works with the Smart Zigbee Hub


Other Features

l Create Your Own Home Security Network
Synchronize with other ZigBee products and customize scenes with other devices.

l Be Notifed if Anyone Breaks Into Off-Limit Areas
Use Zigbee motion and window & door sensors with wireless camera to monitor your home.

l Ultra-Low Power Consumption
Two AA batteries can last more than 1 year. LED of the sensor will blink once every 3 seconds when battery is running low.

l Fast Response Time
Motion is detected as fast as 10 milliseconds.

Product Dimensions

88 x 90 x 27mm



Material of Housing

PC and ABS

Wireless Standard

2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

10% - 90% RH

Communication Protocol

Zigbee HA

Power Supply

AA Battery x 2

Detection Range

± 70° Vertical, ±120° Horizontal

Communication Speed


Communication Distance

80m (in Open Area)

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