Aztech Kyla Smart Door Lock

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Aztech Kyla Smart Door Lock

Aztech Kyla GEN 1 Smart Door Lock

  • $888.00


The Kyla (gen 1) Smart door lock introduces smart security to everyday living. Featuring a keyless entry feature, it identifies fingerprints and unlocks your door in 0.3 seconds. Any failed entry causes the lock to send an alert directly to your smartphone through the Aztech Kyla App (it’s the one in blue), allowing you to keep track of any movement into and out of the house. It also features a bold and sleek design, blending beautifully with any door design.

  • Not compatible with Kyla Gen 2 devices or the Kyla app (the one in orange).
  • Gen 1 Zigbee Hub Required




Other Features

l 0.3s Fingerprint Touch Unlock
Integrating a state-of-the-art FPC fingerprint reader from Sweden, accuracy is 99.999%.

l 500 Days Battery Endurance
Based on the Ultra Low Power ConsumptionTM technology, enjoy up to 500 days of power duration. The trouble of replacing batteries frequently is resolved.

l 3D Digital Sensors Technology
Built-in digital sensors to enable the double protection indoor and outdoor.

l Real-time Feedback

Product Dimensions

336 x 66 x 70mm


Black and Gold

Material of Housing

5# Zinc Alloy + ABS + Tempered Glass

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

10%- 90% RH

Power Supply


Battery Type

AA Battery x 8

Communication Protocol

ZigBee + Bluetooth

Supported Door Thickness


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