Aztech Kyla Smart Zigbee Hub

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Aztech Kyla Smart Zigbee Hub

Aztech Kyla GEN 1 Smart Zigbee Hub

  • $99.00


The control center of the entire smart home system, Supports up to 50 Zigbee devices

Key Features

  • Supports up to 50 Zigbee devices
  • Automatic devices searching and networking
  • Works with the entire range of Aztech Kyla smart home products


Other Features

l Supports Two-Way Feedback in Real Time
Monitor the status of lights, curtains, windows, doors and sensors in real time.

l Remote Control
Access your connected devices via the app from anywhere while it is connected to Wi-Fi.

Product Dimensions

88 x 90 x 27mm


White and Grey

Wireless Standard

2.4GHz,IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 40°C, 32 ~ 104°F

Operating Humidity

10% - 90%

Power Supply

DC5V, 1A, Micro USB

Communication Protocol

Zigbee HA

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