Buy AZEL HandHeld LED Light (1.5Watt, Daylight, 6500K) online

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Buy AZEL HandHeld LED Light (1.5Watt, Daylight, 6500K) online

AZEL HandHeld LED Light (1.5Watt, Daylight, 6500K)

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The LHE-102-865 LED Handheld Light is a rechargeable LED flashlight which provides convenient, handy and functional lighting for various applications.



With its light weight, portability and high lumens (170lm), the LHE-102-865 LED Handheld Light can be used as an emergency light during power outages, a light source for outdoor usage or placed inside your cars when you need to search for things.

LHE-102-865 has 4 operating modes and comes with a USB cable which allows for easy charging through a laptop, USB power supply or a car adaptor with USB connection. The batteries recharge in 3 hours and provide 2 hours of lighting at 100% brightness or 6 hours of lighting at 25% brightness.



  • Emergency lighting, residential lighting, outdoor lighting (camping), in-vehicle lighting

Model No.: LHE-102-865

Wattage: 1.5W

Input: USB 5VDC

Lumen: >170lm

CRI: >80

Beam Angle: 160˚

Colour Temp.: daylight

Housing Material: PC

Lifespan: 20,000 hours

Weight: 87g

Dimension: D30 x L206mm

Full Charging Time: 3 hours

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