Aztech Kyla Smart Emergency Button

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Aztech Kyla Smart Emergency Button

Aztech Kyla Smart Emergency Button

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Designed for personal emergency situations, to send a panic alarm in the event of distress



Other Features

l Small and Portable Design
Can be easily carried around and used by the elderly and children. Provides the vulnerable people with that added sense of security. Help can be summoned as and when needed.

l Ultra-Low Power Consumption
Adopts super low power consumption with Zigbee wireless networking, for a longer battery life span.

Product Dimensions

57.5 x 34.5 x 13mm

Sensor Dimensions

28.3 x 26.5 x 12.2mm

Operating Temperature

-10 ~ 50°C

Operating Humidity

Max 95% RH

Static Current

≤ 3uA

Alarm Current

≤ 30mA

Operating Voltage


Power Supply

1 x CR2032 Button Cell

Communication Protocol

Zigbee HA

Wireless Networking Distance

≤ 100m (Open Area)

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