Aztech Kyla Smart Scene Switch

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Aztech Kyla Smart Scene Switch

Aztech Kyla GEN 1 Smart Dimmer Switch

  • $109.00


The Kyla (Gen 1) Smart Dimmer Switch is all about ambient smart lighting. Home living becomes a lot cosier when you are able to set the mood with your lights. Simply use the Kyla App (Aztech it’s the one in blue) on your smartphone to brighten or dim the lights according to your very needs. Whether it’s dimming the lighting for a good old home movie or brightening your room for reading, this brilliant smart dimmer switch will be there to see that you and your loved ones find yourselves happy and comfortable in home like no other.

  • *Not compatible with Kyla Gen 2 devices or the Kyla app (the one in orange).
  • *Requires the Kyla (Gen 1) Smart Home Hub


Other Features 

  • Capacitive Touch Sensing Buttons 
    Bring users brand new interactive experience with sensitive touch control functions.
  • Convenient Remote Control & Scene Control 
    Control your lighting and check the status via app. Set up various scenes with connected devices, making your life easier and smarter.
  • Voice Control 
    Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Product Dimensions

86 x 90 x 38mm

Operating Temperature

-20 ~ 60°C

Operating Humidity

≤80% RH

Input Voltage

AC 250V~,50/60Hz

Radio Frequency


Communication Protocol

ZigBee HA

Transmission Distance


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