Vacuum Cleaner Attachments and its Uses

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Vacuum Cleaner Attachments and its Uses

With the Chinese New Year around the corner, spring cleaning is usually a chore. But, fret not, with our Ultra-Lightweight and Portable Vacuum Cleaner!

We ensure that the specks of dust at every corner of the house, high and low ends, will be vacuumed away to welcome the Lunar New Year with good luck.

In this article, we will guide on how to use each of the various attachments of the vacuum cleaner.

Let us introduce the attachments that we have…

The Cleaner Head

A common attachment used by vacuum owners. The flexible wide roller brush makes cleaning easy at home, even in the dark with the LED lights.

It provides efficient cleaning with strong suction power of 12K Pa, pulling out all kinds of dirt and mess but not for the corners of the home!

The 2–in–1 Crevice Tool

It is probably the most convenient handheld vacuum for tight spots! This comes with a stiff and soft brush whereby simply slide to switch it easily without changing the attachment. The stiff brush is suitable to hard surfaces such as:

  • Along the cabinets, floors or walls
  • In between appliances
  • On the dashboard, boots or any nook and crannies of the interior of the vehicle
  • Corners of the sofa

The soft brush is suitable for softer surfaces to prevent scratches:

  • On glass or mirror fixtures
  • On appliances 
  • On wall art
  • On the leather seats of the vehicle
  • On marble surfaces

Anti-Dust Mite Suction Head

The electric motor is driven by an independent motor with a strong nylon brush, resulting in high-performance vibration and suction that keeps germs and bacteria away from fabric materials!

It is suitable for surfaces such as:

  • Fabric vehicle seats
  • Carpets
  • Beds
  • Curtains
  • Sofas

Extension Wand

This will come in handy for tight spots that are not easy to reach.

The extension wand can be attached to the vacuum’s motor and attached to the attachment that you want to use to the extension wand.



With all the attachments mentioned, it enhances the cleaning experience and effectiveness ensuring every corner of the house will be spotless!