Tips on Choosing the Right Air Purifier

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Tips on Choosing the Right Air Purifier

1.  Air Purifying Technologies

One key factor to look for in an air purifier is High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration, which is used to describe the filters that can eliminate up to 99.9% of 0.3-micron particles. These particles can be in a form of solid or liquid-like dust from surroundings, car exhaust pipes, and smoke from cigarettes.

HEPA filter helps to trap and filter small particles. Without that, the air purifier is simply just for display purposes. However, HEPA filters will need to be replaced when dirt started to accumulate; it is not advisable to wash the filter as it will decrease the performance.

2. Room Size

The coverage area of the air purifiers depends on the size of the room where the air purifiers will be placed. Ideally, the average coverage size of 45m2 is able to purify an entire room, though not an entire house due to ineffective air circulation.

Using the “two-thirds” rule, Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is an easy method to find out which air purifier suits the room. For instance, a room that is 120 square-feet means the CADR rating will be at least 80m3/h (two-thirds of the room’s area).


3. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a useful metric to determine how much and fast the air purifier can filter and purify particles from the air. The highest possible rating is 450m3/h for smoke and pollen, 400m3/h for dust. The higher the CADR, the better the air filtration capacity of the air purifier.

Do note that there is still a need to have the separate HEPA filter as CADR does not entirely measure the effectiveness of the particles being filtered. 

4. Noise Levels

The noise level is one of the decision factors for consideration, especially when it comes to fan speed. The faster the fan spinsthe more air it will need to purify, hence, the higher the noise level.

So how to access the noise levels of an air purifier?

Here are some examples of common noises and their decibel levels, vacuum cleaners are rated at 80dB, normal conversation at 60dB, and a refrigerator humming at 40dB.

On average, the quietest air purifier has a decibel rating of 20 – 40 at the lowest fan speed, while moderate mode will have 40 – 60 and the loudest mode will have 50 – 70dB and above.


5. Features

Generally, most air purifiers have 7 purification stages,  like the Aztech AAP2645 AirePuri 45m2 purifier and AAP4660 AirePuri 60m2 purifier With their smart air quality sensors, they can conduct a quick analysis of the current air quality and with the use of colour indications, users can be aware of the real-time air conditions, and change the fan speed according to air quality when the automatic function is activated.

Additionally, the advanced AAP7680 AirPuri 80m2 purifier model comes with a comprehensive 8–stage purification, sterilisation, ionisation, and humidification process. It has an integrated WiFi Control which allows users to intuitively control the air purifier with their smartphone.

Different air purifiers models consist of different features, from basic to advanced features like child lock, filter replacement indicator, water refill reminder, timer function, sleep mode and many more.

6. Needs

Most people get air purifiers for their homes or offices because they may suffer from respiratory problems like asthma and/or allergies. However, an increasing number of people are getting air purifiers for cleaner air, to beat the unhealthy air pollution caused by forest fires and industrial factories.

Studies have shown that more people are getting air purifiers as they are seeking for a healthier lifestyle, by breathing in fresh and purified air.

7. Get a Reliable and Trustworthy Brand

It is important to understand the factors mentioned above to ease your buying decision in choosing the right air purifier. With the need for HEPA filter replacements, avoid the risk of finding replacement filters with a reliable known brand that will offer product support and perishables down the road. With the Aztech AirePuri Air Purifiers, keeping a refreshing and inviting home, has never been easier.

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