The Best ‘SMART’ Ways to Protect Your Home this holiday season

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The Best ‘SMART’ Ways to Protect Your Home this holiday season

Going for a long-awaited year-end vacation? Here is our guide on how smart home technology can help put an end to your worries about being away from home:

Real-time Remote Monitoring

The power of sight’s importance is often overlooked daily. With Aztech’s Kyla Smart 1080P Pan and Tilt IP Camera, you will be able to have eyes at home even when you’re not. This sleek camera seamlessly records 1080P full high definition video with Pan and Tilt at 355° and 90° respectively, so every nook and cranny of your house can be seen and observed.

Additionally, the camera also supports clear, two-way communication with built in speakers and a microphone. Be it bright or dark, day or night, the 10 infrared LEDs will allow you to detect motion and observe from your phone.

Peace of Mind from Intrusions and Trespassing

No one has ever complained about being too safe. With Aztech’s Kyla Smart Door/ Window Sensor and Motion Sensor, you will never have to worry about forced entry into your home. Both sensors feature a clean, white minimalistic look that looks aesthetically pleasant on any surface in your home.

The Smart Door/ Window Sensors use magnetic forces to detect any unwanted door/ window movement. Additionally, the Smart Motion Sensor uses special human infrared spectrum detection technology to detect body heat and movement in 10 milliseconds.

Both devices then immediately alert the user through the Kyla app, and you are always kept notified and in the ‘know’.

Prevent Potential Smoke and Fire Hazards

Whether you’re away or even just at home, Aztech’s Kyla Smart Smoke Sensor is an essential tool in protection from fires. Built with batteries that last up to a year, this lifesaving piece of technology uses a sensitive photoelectric sensor to detect unusual levels of smoke in your home environment.

It also features a flashing red LED indicator and an 85dB loud alarm that will trigger when smoke is detected. It immediately sends a notification through to your phone, and you’ll be able to take quick, necessary action from anywhere in the world.

Stay Dry during the Rainy Season

Never have to worry about closing the windows when torrential rain pours down on your estate. Aztech’s Kyla Smart Water Leakage Sensor detects the presence of water in areas where it’s not supposed to be and alerts you in real time, so you can take appropriate measures to prevent overflowing or flooding.

Keep your bathroom floor slip-free and your basins clear of leaky faucets – this smart sensor also features low power consumption and a separate design of body and sensor, which protects the product from high humidity damage.

Remotely Control your Curtains for Privacy and Security

Keep out the glaring afternoon sun with Aztech’s Kyla Smart Curtain Motor with Track. This handy device will open and close your curtains from a single touch on your smartphone, and you’ll be able to keep your house cool and cosy.

If you are someone who values privacy, you can keep your home out of sight from strangers, even if you’re away. Furthermore, you will be able to choose from an array of curtain colours and textures, and you may suddenly find that home is truly where the heart is.

Real-time Anti-burglary Detection

The Aztech Kyla Smart Door Lock features a sleek and highly futuristic design that looks great on any door. You will never need to brood over being out of touch, as the lock ensures maximum security by registering unidentified fingerprints.

The door lock is also fitted with Ultra Low Power Consumption™ technology that allows continuous usage for up to 500 days continuous usage, and with that you’ll never have to worry about constantly having to replace your batteries.