Stay Home, Stay Connected.

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Stay Home, Stay Connected.

With the sudden surge in work from home arrangements and social distancing due to the COVID19 outbreak, this has led many to start working from home. For some, the freedom of working comfortably, at your own pace without distractions, and more importantly, dressed down, could be a pleasure. For others, new implementations to shut down entertainments such as bars, cinemas and karaoke inevitably may have possibly cut off their lifelines.

The only thing keeping us sane is the connectivity over the internet that allows us to carry on with our work, maintain communications with people, stream your favourite movie or drama, or just to game.

What if your Wi-Fi disconnects unexpectedly in the midst of streaming a movie? What if your business conference call with your boss was distorted due to weak internet? What if your internet is too slow for you to download your working files? What if you were unable to connect with your group video call with your friends..? 

Well, #stayhomestayconnected with seamless connection at every corner of your house! When connected to the regular wireless access points (AP), devices cling on to a particular AP until the device moves too far and then disconnects, before joining to the next nearest accessible AP. This causes the Wi-Fi signal to break, resulting in dropped connections. Connect your devices seamlessly with the Wi-Fi mesh. Eliminate these drop connections and blind spots by expanding the coverage with mesh routers based on your home setup! Enjoy endless connectivity as you now move seamlessly from room to room without disconnecting! The setup allows a coverage of up to 8,000sqft right out of the box with the AztechMesh app!

The best part is that it’s a simple and effortless affair, just plug and play!

Suitable for every home of any sizes, starting from 1 WiFi mesh for small homes and add on more for larger homes!

Now, without any distortion, you don’t feel the distance with your loved ones or friends with instant connection from your video calls! Never miss a second of your favorite shows, with smooth connectivity. With a stable speed and reliable coverage, you will never miss any emails or business calls from your bosses!

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