Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) x SWITCH event

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Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) x SWITCH event

Innovative #smarthome technology that make your daily lives much convenient.

Get a physical feel of it at TechXperience booth at #SingaporeFintechFestival (#SFF) x SWITCH Singapore at Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria, Hall 2.

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Smart Home Smart Automation

Imagine arriving home, with your curtains drawn up, lights turned on, television and air-condition turned on automatically... Visit us at TechXperience booth at #SingaporeFintechFestival (#SFF) x SWITCH Singapore at Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria from 11th to 13th November to understand the wonders of smart home automation. #sgfintechfest #sgfintechfest2019 #SFFxSWITCH

Posted by Aztech Singapore on Sunday, 10 November 2019