Kyla Gen2 WiFi Smart Plug Review (KWFP-210-WF)

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Kyla Gen2 WiFi Smart Plug Review (KWFP-210-WF)

Back in 2018, Aztech launched Kyla (Gen 1), a sub-brand for their smart home devices, which was basically a white-label of Orvibo. This year, Aztech launches the Gen 2 version with a complete in-house design. While this means a slower product line roll-out, it also provides better product quality and feature controls.

Currently, 3 products are available: the smart switch (without neutral wire) that replaces your existing light switches (1, 2, 3 gang), the Gen 2 Smart Hub that is required to control the smart switches, and the 3-pin smart plug (KWFP-210-WF). The 3-pin smart plug connects to your WiFi home network so it does not require the Smart Hub to work.

Smart plugs are in the market for many years already. They work like a remote control, allowing you to turn on and off the switch through the smartphone app or voice assistant like Google, Siri, or Alexa. In recent months, the size of the smart plugs have shrunk and now they fit most wall plugs as well as extension cords without blocking neighbouring plugs. Kyla Gen 1 plug (KWFP-110-WF) is one of the smallest and most compact back then.

Then when I tried the mini plug was the D-Link W118, I loved the size and the curved design. The Kyla Gen 2 Smart Plug is about the same size, more squarish, but slightly less thick.

Kyla Gen2 WiFi Plug Smartplug KWFP-210-WF compares with D-Link DSP-W118

While the D-Link plug design looks more elegant, I prefer to use the Kyla Gen 2 plug because the app is easier to operate. Setting up is a breeze, much easier than the Gen 1.

What Devices Work With Smart Plug

If your devices do not have standby-off feature and can power up when switch is on, then you can use the Kyla Smart Plug. For instance:

  • Electric Fan
  • Air Purifier
  • Air Cooler
  • Washing Machine
  • Table Lamps and Lights
  • Electric Cooker

I use the smart plug to start the washing machine before the family wakes up in the morning, so that our domestic helper can hang the laundry after she wakes up. On the D-Link, I had to resort to using a “timer countdown” function which I set on an ad-hoc basis. On Kyla Gen 2, I can create a scene to automate the trigger based on fixed weekly schedule.

With the new compact size plug, there is no more concern on whether the plug can fit in your existing wall plugs or extension cords.