Aztech at IFA 2019 Kylas

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Aztech at IFA 2019 Kylas

July 19, 2019 – Aztech will be showcasing it’s latest KylaS smart home products at IFA’2019 (Hall 24 – Singapore Pavilion) – from 6 to 11 September 2019 at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds (ExpoCenter City), Berlin, Germany.


The Zigbee Light Switch is designed for users that do not want to be restricted to just having their bulbs smart, but working in conjunction with their existing home lighting, making the entire system smart. By going smart, users will have the convenience of controlling lights via the APP or through voice control. Its elegant design will provide a modern look to their homes. Using the “live wires” in conventional switches, the Zigbee light switch is a one to one “plug and play” replacement, saving users much time and cost in electrical works and making the conversion process simpler than ever!


The WiFi Smart Station is a home monitoring kit that connects directly to an existing WiFi and gives users the ability to control appliances at the tip of their hands. The device has multiple sensors enabling users to monitor the temperature, humidity and air quality from virtually anywhere! With an in-built -Infra-Red blaster and a pre-loaded database of over 8000 remote controls covering major brand appliances, users can simply activate their air-con and air purifiers on the go, so that they can return to a cool, fresh and clean home! The Smart Station also allows customised controls by “learning” the signals via the APP. The nifty Function Key on top of the device can also be set to control devices or scenes, allowing for predefined automation, making it an essential for a Smart Home!


Lastly, the Zigbee Button is a multi-functional button that can be used as an independent switch or placed together to create a conversational wall art! Powered by Zigbee technology and an optimized power management, the Zigbee Button can last up to 24 months on a single battery cell! Use it as an additional light switch to turn on/off your lights or control your motorized curtains or blinds with this! Place it beside your main door to activate home and away automations! A must-have in rooms or toilets where the elderly or disabled loved ones reside and it can be programmed to trigger alerts to the phones of family members for assistance! Stick it anywhere and all these convenience will be available with a simple touch!


Key features of Aztech KylaS

  • Easy setup, just download the app, add the relevant products and you’re connected!
  • Remote monitoring of devices anywhere
  • 3rd party system integrator is not necessary – just use the Aztech KylaS app!
  • Set automation sequences to instruct your devices what to do seamlessly
  • No massive rewiring which is costly and intrusive
  • Set schedules, timers and countdowns to effectively manage devices
  • Compatible with both Android 4.0 and above, and iOS 8.0 and above
  • Voice control compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa


Range of Products

  • Zigbee Light Switch in 1/2/3 Gang (UK/US variants)
  • Zigbee Dimmer Switch (US/UK variants)
  • WiFi LED Bulb
  • WiFi Curtain Motor
  • Battery-Powered Curtain Motor
  • WiFi Plug (UK/US variants)
  • Zigbee Button
  • Zigbee Hub
  • WiFi Smart Station
  • Zigbee Motion Sensor
  • Zigbee Door and Window Sensor
  • WiFi Motorised Blinds