Healthier Instant Noodle Recipes for Any Day

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Healthier Instant Noodle Recipes for Any Day

So you’ve stocked up on your favourite (or whatever was available) instant noodles, and now you have too much noodles to know how to eat it without getting sick of it. Cooking and eating the noodles using its flavouring packets can also get boring, and the high MSG content probably isn’t very good for you either.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with 2 uniquely delicious recipes you can cook up any given day. A wholesome noodle soup for cosy, rainy days— and a flavoursome fried noodle dish bursting with umami. The best part is, these noodles are incredibly easy to put together and you can get these ingredients fresh at your local supermarket.

The table top cooker used in the videos is the Aztech Infrared Cooker (AIF4630). The infrared cooker is great if you have a variety of pots at home—the cooker uses infrared radiation to transfer heat into any pots and pans made of materials ranging from metal, ceramic and clay. However, if you only use kitchenware made of metal, you might want to opt for the Aztech Induction Cooker (AID1630) instead. Induction cookers are a safer option as the cooker surface will not be as hot as an Infrared Cooker, making it the perfect cooker to own if you have kids in your household. This induction cooker works best with metallic kitchenware, as metal conducts heat best amongst the various types of material.

These table top cookers are gas free, meaning that any stains and messes are easy to clean—just with a simple wipe.