Featured on MusicPhotoLife.com: PHON STUDIO and PHON SPORTS Wireless Speakers Review and 60% Discount Code!

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Featured on MusicPhotoLife.com: PHON STUDIO and PHON SPORTS Wireless Speakers Review and 60% Discount Code!

Written by: Chester Tan on musicphotolife.com

I was at the Aztech Showroom collecting the Kyla Smart Smoke Sensor which I ordered during the 12.12 sale, and while I was there, I was browsing other products on display. Naturally, the Aztech portable wireless speakers caught my eye, so I tried them out. I liked them so much that I asked the Aztech Marketing Manager if we could do a collaboration with Music Photo Life. He agreed enthusiastically, and even offered promotion codes to my readers of over 60% discount!!!

There are 2 models. The PHON Sports and PHON Studio. PHON Sports (ABT100S) is IP67 water resistant, so you can dunk it in the pool without worries. PHON Studio (ABT100M) is not water rated but as the name suggests, its sound quality is more “studio-grade”.

Both offers 10 hour battery life and comes with USB port to charge other devices. It connects via Bluetooth or AUX-In. PHON Sports additionally supports micro SD for playback.

PHON Studio comes with additional AUX-out which outputs audio signal to another speaker.
Unlike PHON Sport which is charged with micro USB, the PHON Studio relies on round-plug 15V DC for charging.

The top of the speaker is laden with large buttons and smaller lit-up icons that provides concise and clear operation statuses. I like that there is a clear battery indicator with 3 LEDs that reflects remaining battery life.
Another thoughtful design is the thermal sensor that automatically illuminates the buttons when your hand approaches them.

You can make calls with them, as they have built-in microphone, turning them into loud speakerphones for large meetings.

I was also impressed that the pairing is so fast, thanks to NFC. I just placed the Google Pixel 4 XL to the top and the pairing is completed within seconds. This encourages me to try out the speakers at the showroom, and I liked what I sound.

On the PHON Sports, I get an overall warm sound. The bass is deep and impactful, extending upwards into the midrange, while the treble offers sufficient presence, not excitedly bright, yet not uncharacteristically veiled. It’s a tuning that most people can appreciate without judging them as muffled, and great for general listening for the booms and the pumps. Not so ideal for Classical or Jazz genre where a more sparkling highs are favoured.

When I tried the PHON Studio, I was hit by the “hi-fi” tuning of bright treble and deep bass, with a dip in the midrange, typical V-shaped tuning. Listeners who love transparency and airiness to the playlist will certainly prefer this.
Some tracks that are already treble-heavy might turn out a little too pushy.


When Aztech launched their wireless speakers a while back, I did not get a chance to review them, and didn’t think much of them, since Aztech are not audio specialists. Their recommended retail prices are also not that attractive. But after an unexpected hands-on,
I can understand why they are priced a little higher than a OEM brand.

A few things that Aztech did that exceeds an average portable speaker. One, the buttons on top of the speakers are carefully lit up, and comes with thermal sensor to auto-illuminate when your hand goes towards it. The other operating buttons like battery and play modes are lit with different colours. The NFC is sensitive and pairs with my smartphone quickly. The PHON Studio has an unusual feature, that is, to allow AUX-Out to another device (headphones, speaker, amplifier, etc.). It also can charge other devices with its built-in 6600 mAh battery.

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