“DIY” the holiday season with Aztech

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“DIY” the holiday season with Aztech

The holiday season is here and it’s time to prepare your home for it! We’ve compiled a list of products that you can get to elevate your home, making it smarter, safer, while exuding the long awaited holiday spirit.

‘Festive’ up the mood at home

With the use of Kyla Smart Switches and with your preferred smart speaker, a simple spoken command will be able to easily create the perfect holiday ambience.

Try creating a function with your Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker that, with the help of Kyla Smart Dimmer and Scene Switches, dims the lights to your liking and then play your favourite holiday playlist of tunes.

Set up a security camera to prevent theft of packages

With all the online holiday season sales going on, you may be ordering a barrage of presents to your house. With the Aztech RaptorVue and Blink Cameras, you’ll be able to safe-proof your parcels (and scare away potential thieves) and have gifts ready for all the Secret Santa festivities you’ll be engaged in.

Smarten up your holiday lights

With assistance by the Aztech Kyla Smart Wi-Fi Plug, you can control the lights on your Christmas tree with a single touch from your phone.

To enjoy this feature, install the complementing Kyla mobile app and plug your lights into the Aztech Kyla Smart Wi-Fi Plug. Then, you’ll be able to turn them on from anywhere in the world, right on your mobile device.

Also, you’ll be able to turn your holiday lights ON when you get home, so you’ll be the tree-topper of the neighbourhood.

Crank Up The Tunes

Did your little get together suddenly turn into a holiday party? You can supplement the fun with jolly tunes from your phone, using the Aztech PHON STUDIO Wireless Speaker. The powerful bass and deep, smooth sound amplifies your music into great ambience.

Double Your Oven’s Capacity

Expand your oven’s capacity and bake more cookies at one-go. In addition to the baking tray, use the wire racks as a 2nd tray just by ling the wire rack with parchment paper. Place your cookie dough on it and insert it into your Aztech ACO6845 Digi-Convection XL Oven.

Automate your cooling needs

With the cool year-end weather, skip the air-conditioning and cut-down your electricity usage. With the Aztech Kyla Smart Wi-Fi Plug, you can easily automate your Aztech ASF883 16” Stand Fan to your bedroom cool at night without letting it overrun.

Here’s another tip: You could also add the Aztech Kyla Smart Temperature Sensor to your home setup, then automate your fan to automatically turn off when the room gets cool enough to your satisfaction, and then back on when it gets warm again.

Physical Controls are Essential

Make sure that you choose one that has physical controls like with the Aztech ASF883 16” Stand Fan, which will work in your preferred settings the moment you plug it in.

Which is basically what the Aztech Kyla Smart Wi-Fi plug does—when you turn the power on (or automate it to turn on and off), you’re just cutting and restoring power to whichever device you have plugged into it (like the AztechASF883 16” Stand Fan, in this case).

That is why you would want physical controls that have your appliances kept to your desired settings even when the power is turned on and off.

Set up sensors on your window, door and cabinet

The holidays can get hectic. You may find that you have numerous social events to attend, multiple visits to family and friends and even vacations to go for. But no matter where you are in the world, keep tabs on your house with the Aztech Kyla Smart Door/Window Sensor and the Aztech Kyla Smart Motion Sensor.

You will receive notifications on your mobile device when motion is detected or if any door or window opens. You could also attach them to file drawers with sensitive information, or even liquor cupboards—anything that needs to be separately monitored.

Invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner

‘Tis the season to be jolly, not sulking over laborious housework. Invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner in the Aztech ASC290 Ultra-Portable Vacuum Cleaner and reduce your load of cleaning for future holidays.

Change to mesh networking

If the Wi-Fi network in your house is affected by dead zones and inconsistent coverage, then the Aztech WMB250AC Dual Band AC2100 Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point, which amplifies a steady signal to all corners of your house, might just be the thing for you. Also, the ease of setting it up means you’ll be able to do it in minutes.