The Aztech Blender Showdown

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The Aztech Blender Showdown

Blenders and food processors are essential appliances for the modern kitchen as it allows users to prepare ingredients, sauces, juices and even smoothies.

As every blender varies in terms of speeds, capacity, and functions and hence; it may be quite a challenge to decide which is the best blender for your requirements. 

We have broken down the necessary key factors of each of the Aztech blenders individually to help you to learn more and simplify your decision making process!



Why Portable Bowling Blender?

Control: With one speed setting that lasts for about 30 seconds to blend the ingredients. The Aztech Portable Bowling Blender has an idling protection that will automatically stop the blending process when it detects an empty blender cup. On the other hand, if the objects are too big to blend, the blades will stop to prevent overloading the motor.

Power: Being small and compact for traveling, it has a power of 80-watt motor which; despite low in power, is still perfect for blending soft fruits and vegetables. It comes with a built-in battery, so simply charge it via micro USB port. Any charger with the rated voltage above 5V will not be charged, thanks to its overvoltage protection.

Looks: Aesthetically sleek and clean looking blender that is light in weight and highly portable. The base and blender cup are made of BPA-free material, so feel free to sip away anytime by simply replacing the base with the travel cup lid!

Suitability: This is suitable if you are looking for convenience and making for a smaller serving for own consumption.



Why Burgundy Table Top Blender?

Control: With 2 speeds and pulse functions,  the navigation of this blender is as straight forward as it can be for users to control the speed based on the ingredients.

Power: It is cost effective as it utilises a 500-watt motor, more than sufficient for you to blend more than just mixing juices, smoothies, and even spices with the Food Mill/Grinder.

Looks: Perfectly designed for modern living with its classy and glossy finishing. With a glass jug, the Burgundy Table Top Blender is highly durable, sturdy and elegant looking.

Suitability: This is suitable for those that are looking for simpler operation and performance for handling tasks for 3 – 4 family members. 



Why Silvertone Table Blender?

Control: The Silvertone Table Blender has more functions available with variable speed settings and functions to pulse, crush ice, and blend to deliver the best cooking experience.

Power: Strong power of 1000-watt is necessary if you are intending to make fine, snow-liked ice, crushing cashews, peanuts or other dry ingredients smooth, almost as fine as sand. It can blend almost everything with its high motor as it can withstand heavier load.

Looks: Stainless steel has a neutral colour and contemporary characteristics that complement any home design and giving the kitchen a clean and modern look.  As with the Burgundy Table Top Blender, a glass jug will be helpful to keep the blender stable while the motor is operating.

Suitability: This is suitable for those who do heavy or professional cooking to serve for larger group of people.


Regardless of your cooking requirements and preferences, blenders or food processors can help you with your preparation tasks with better effectiveness and efficiency.

Check out the blenders and other food preparation appliances for a simplified cooking experience.