3 Ways To Determine The Quality Of The Mask!

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3 Ways To Determine The Quality Of The Mask!

With the global pandemic coming into play, the need to wear a mask and to stay protected has never been more important. While all masks may look the similar, the quality can vary. How would you really know if your

masks truly shield yourself and others from any possible transmission? Fret not, for we have got you covered—we’ve put together a simple guide so

you can be better informed on what works, and what doesn’t.

Generally, surgical masks of good quality are made up of 3 layers and each layer has their specific function. The outermost layer repels water droplets, the middle layer for filtration, and the innermost soft layer absorbs moisture.

Good surgical 3-ply masks can also be set apart by 3 simple tests

The Water Test

The outermost layer of a good 3-ply surgical mask is designed with hydrophobic elements to shield out any cough and sneeze droplets. This is to help prevent contaminated droplets from others from being inhaled.

To test your mask’s efficiency in doing this, hold it with the outermost facing upwards and pour some water onto it. If the water does not permeate and the innermost layer remains dry, you’ll know that your mask does the job, and shields out water droplets efficiently.

Step 1: Pour water onto the mask

Step 2: “Good” If it doesn’t leak through

You’re protected against the droplets from coughs and sneezes!

The Breath Test

To test the efficiency of your mask’s filtration system, you can conduct the breath test. This is important as it tests your mask’s ability to filter out airborne particles, and this could very well protect any transmission of any unwanted particles between yourself and others around. Put your mask on and hold up a lit candle, match or lighter—give it a good blow and the flame should not be extinguished. If the flame goes out easily, it could mean that your mask is not filtering air particles as well as it should be, and this should be avoided when looking for masks of good quality.

Step 1: Wear on your mask

Step 2: Place a flamed candle or a lighter in front of your mouth

Step 3: “Good” if the flame did not blow off

You’re ensured with a proper air flow filtration!

* Please conduct the breath test responsibly—
keep the open flame away from your face, any flammable materials or others to prevent any damage or injury.

The Flame Test

The middle layer comprises of hydrophilic elements that is not made of paper, but a “melt-like” non-woven fabric material that helps to filter out the dust, germs and bacteria. This layer is critical in protecting against unwanted transmission of particles to and from you, and the effectiveness can be determined with the flame test

Cut the mask open to deconstruct it, removing the middle layer of fabric. With a match or a lighter, safely set fire to the fabric. The fabric should melt and slowly disintegrate, and if it catches fire and burns, it could be an indication of poor fabric quality.


Step 1: Deconstruct the mask

Step 2: Using a lighter to torch the middle layer

Step 3: “Good” if the layer has “melted” and come apart instead of catching fire

You’re ensured that the material used is genuine!

* Please conduct the breath test responsibly—
keep the open flame away from your face, any flammable materials or others to prevent any damage or injury.

If your mask passes all 3 tests, you’ll be happy to know that you are in possession of a mask of good quality. However, it is important to note that surgical masks, although very useful, are not 100% effective in stopping any transmissions—the key to 100% effectiveness ultimately comes from a combination of that and practising safe distancing, as well as good social responsibility to others around you. We’re also happy to share that we have set up production of high quality surgical masks here in Singapore. Our 3-ply masks feature hypoallergenic and hydrophobic layers that repel droplets, filter air and absorb moisture effectively (and pass all 3 tests). Our masks are also designed to fit over all faces comfortably, providing you great breathability and protection from any viruses or bacteria.


With our BFE filtration efficiency at 99.0%, our masks are the perfect tools of protection that you can equip you and your family with to stay safe when you go back to work and school. We’re excited to share the process with you here:


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