22 Jun 2020 news
Aztech announces new corporate branding and launch of new website

June 5th 2020 – Aztech Technologies, local leading design and electronics manufacturer, announces a new brand identity and website https://www.aztech.com/business, to reflect the company’s commitment in delivering value, embracing constant change and progression towards a connected future.


The new corporate identity, “Delighting People with Smarter Solutions” incorporates Aztech’s vision and mission as a one stop integrated solutions provider, working alongside their clients to achieve their goals and aspirations to produce innovative products and solutions. Always striving towards the edge of technology since 1986, Aztech has constantly adapted to different market conditions, riding the waves of technology advancements and building up capabilities to serve customers’ needs. Started off with computers and IT peripherals, Aztech today covers a diverse field of products, ranging from data-communications, consumer electronics, Internet of Things, LED lighting, automotive, healthcare and industrial product lines.


The rebranding includes a refreshing change in their corporate logo, Aztech in italics, signifying a dynamic, forward looking organization. The new design typeface features fluid letterings with touch of curves, trending ahead and yet not forgetting the solid fundamentals they have built themselves upon. A new website also reflects the overall company’s vision and core capabilities as a solution provider in industries such as data- communications, consumer electronics, Internet of Things, LED lighting, automotive, healthcare and industrial market segments. A new brand Kyla has been introduced for the consumer product business, clearly defining Group’s two brand names for its different business sectors.

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