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How to configure your Aztech HL110EW's wireless settings? 1. On your computer locate the Ethernet port. 2. Using an Ethernet cable connect your HL110EW to the Computer Ethernet LAN port. 3. Plug in your HL110EW into the wall socket to Power ON the device. The Power and Ethernet LED will turn ON. 4.... Read more
What applications can I use Aztech HW550-3G for? Aztech HW550-3G is a dual-function Wireless-N router that supports HSPA for 3G Mobile Broadband. You can use HW550-3G as a high-speed Wireless-N router at home or a 3G Mobile Broadband router with a compatible 3G/3.5G USB modem. Ideal... Read more
How to connect your iPad to your Aztech HL110EW with WPA2? If your iPad were connected to an Access Point with WEP security and you would like to connect to Aztech HL110EW with WPA2 security follow the steps below to connect via wireless. 1. Switch ON your iPad then click on the Settings icon. 2.... Read more
What is HSPA? HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) or 3.5G is the next-generation mobile technology after 1G, 2G and 3G. HSPA or 3.5G allows users to enjoy faster data transmission speeds from 3G/3.5G-enabled mobile phone or notebook to transfer data. HSPA is also... Read more