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Wireless WL556E Wall-Plugged 300Mbps Wi-Fi Repeater
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  • Extend wireless signal to areas not reached by router or access point
  • Plug directly into any power socket without external power adapter
  • Use within wireless range without data cable connection to the network
  • Enable wired network to be WiFi-ready through LAN port
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Available in white

Innovative Portable Wireless-N Extender
in Any Power Outlet in Any Home, Office
or Hotspot

Aztech WL556E, expands the wireless range of your network without you needing to connect it to the network through a data cable.

Simply plug the innovative Aztech WL556E into any available wall socket or into the electrical power extension cord where it is within range of your wireless router. The portable wireless extender picks up wireless signals and bounces them off to blind spot areas where wireless signals are unstable or inconsistent.

Since Aztech WL556E reaches out to blind spot areas wirelessly, it builds a more stable wireless network and saves on cabling or wiring costs.

Convert Modem-Router to Wireless-N Access Point
Turn a regular modem-router into a WiFi-ready networking device by simply connecting Ethernet cable from any Ethernet LAN port of the device to the Ethernet port of Aztech WL556E. The portable wireless extender acts as a wireless access point for notebooks, smart phones and e-book readers to connect to the Internet.