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Internet TV Hub with Android 2.3 Gingerbread
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Back panel: HDMI and Ethernet LAN port

Front panel: SD card slot with 2 x USB hosts

Intuitive 2.4GHz QWERTY Remote
with Wireless Control


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Reinvent the way you enjoy home entertainment with a whole new level of immersive and intuitive TV experience with PlayXtreme, Aztech Internet TV Hub.

Powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform, PlayXtreme converts a regular TV to an Internet-enabled one, transforming TV viewing experience to an engaging adventure with the integrated capabilities of the Internet, computer, TV and media player. All that is required is a broadband connection and a TV with HDMI or composite video input.

PlayXtreme is all about taking entertainment to the extreme level, empowering you to interact with your favourite websites and apps on a large TV display. Whether it is surfing the Internet, updating your Facebook status or streaming home movies, it is an effortless, seamless experience. What's more, the intelligent Internet TV Hub comes in a sophisticated, egret white design.

Useful Information

Full HD Media Playback with UPnP
Immerse into crystal-clear movie quality as PlayXtreme is a well-equipped media player to stream online, from external USB drive, SD card or NAS network HDD. PlayXtreme supports HDMI 1.3 digit audio/video interface, 720(50/60Hz) and 1080i (50/60Hz) up to 1080P (50/60Hz). UPnP, Universal Plug and Play, allows seamless sharing of media on the network without any configuration.

Web Browsing, Social Networking, Instant Messaging, Movies and Music
Launch favourite online sites onto the big TV screen. Email, chat and interact with friends on a TV display instead of being confined to the small screens of the personal computer, laptop or tablet. The android 2.3 system supports HTML5 and Flash 10.3.

Be connected to Popular Apps and Gaming APK
PlayXtreme is pre-installed with popular apps for access to latest news and weather updates. What's more, it empowers users to install online games and third party APK files.

Intuitive QWERTY Remote with Wireless Control
Remove clutter and the need for a keyboard and mouse. The ergonomic and sleek remote control is designed with a 2.4GHz QWERTY keypad for easy text input and navigation. Or simply swipe for smooth desktop control.