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HomePlug HL110EW   200Mbps HomePlug AV 2-Port Wireless-N Extender
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Extend wireless network into any spot at home at 300Mbps
Turn any power outlet into a network connection
Automated security with “Simple Connect” button
Wireless “On/Off’ button for convenience and ease of use
Double Ethernet ports for direct connection to Ethernet-ready devices
Simply plug & play, no software or installation required
No new wires, no drilling, no software, no hassle!
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Wireless On/Off button Designed with two Ethernet ports
for connection to other gadgets

A Portable Wireless-N HomePlug In Any Power Outlet in Any Home, Office or Hotspot

Aztech HL110EW, 2-port Ethernet 200Mbps HomePlug AV Wireless-N Extender, provides wireless access to a network and extends it to any location in the home or office, eliminating disruptions due to unstable, weak wireless signals or blind spots. By plugging Aztech HL110EW to a favoured power outlet with Aztech HL110E, 200Mbps HomePlug AV connected to a broadband router, Aztech HL110EW reaches out to your notebook seamlessly, enabling you to continue to stream and share your favourite photo and video at 300Mbps wirelessly to another computer.

Connect Any Broadband Router, Game Console or HD Device – no wiring, no hassle!

The high speed of Wireless 802.11n empowers users to heavy downloads of big files or High-Definition (HD) content. Aztech HL110EW is compatible with any Ethernet-ready gadget at home. Users are guaranteed robust performance and sleek design for the best home entertainment experience.

Eco-friendly HomePlug – Green & Energy-Saving

The world’s first 200Mbps powerline Wireless-N device is built with a Wireless “On/Off” button that allows users to switch off Wireless feature when it is not needed, allowing more savings on energy.

A single unit of Aztech HL110EW consumes less than 7 watts of power, less than 100 times it takes to power up your coffee maker.

Plug & Play – no software or no installation required!

Aztech HL110EW works straight out of the box! Setting up your home network is easy and fuss-free with no software or messy installation needed! Simply connect HL110EW to any wall socket and watch it work like a portable network point, streaming music, photo or video at up to 200Mbps throughout your home.